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Thông tin đấu thầu
Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals

Achievements in development of vaccines, medical biologicals and technology.

1990 Successful production of  DPT, and  TT vaccines marked a history that  IVAC  started  to  provide  vaccines against 5 diseases including Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Neonatal Tetanus, and Tuberculosis vaccines for the EPI.

Inaugurated the first modern biotechnology line in Viet Nam to produce DPT, and TT vaccines for the National Expanded Programme on Immunizaion (EPI), under a cooperative project  with UNICEF.

1992 Successful production of  BCG vaccine at a large scale ( 6 – 8 million doses per year), under a cooperative project with UNICEF.

1996 Successful production of oral cholera vaccine at semi-industrial scale, under  a cooperative project with the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. This was the state level research programme.

Produced successfully and put on the market anti rabies serum (SAR), under an state level research project.

1998 Established the quality management system.

2000 Successfull production of freeze-dry Interferon α-2b, and put it on the market, under a cooperative project  with the Biotechnology Institute of Ho Chi Minh City.

Successful production of Im.BCG for bladder tumor treatment.

2002 Successful production of Td vaccine, antitetanus serum with 10,000 IU/vial.

2004 Produced successfully and put on the market two antivenum sera against Naja kaouthia  and Trimeresurus albolabris, under a ministerial level research program.

Produced successfully and put on the market Vi.polysaccharide vaccine, a technology transfer project in collaboration with the  National Institute of Health (NIH) – USA.

2007 UNICEF certified IVAC as a "Top Producer of high quality essential vaccines ".

2008 Started construction of the influenza vaccine production facility in compliance with WHO-GMP standard, under a cooperative project with WHO and other International Organizations.

2011 Successful development of a “core-process” for influenza vaccine production, and manufactured successfully a vaccine against pandemic influenza A/H1N1/09 at large scale.

2012 The Phase 1 clinical trial of the A/H1N1/09 influenza vaccine was conducted in 2013 on 48 healthy adult volunteers, the vaccine was proved safe and immunogenic.

Awarded and honored by Ministry of Health for the establishment of influenza vaccine production facility in compliance with the WHO-GMP standards which is acknowledged as a symbol of health sector because it “contributed an important part in the development of medicine in Viet Nam".

2013 Successful production of the A/H5N1 influenza vaccine.

Successful production of the A/H7N9 influenza vaccine that meets quality standard on experimental animals.

2014 The Phase 1 clinical trial of the A/H5N1 influenza vaccine (IVACFLU-A/H5N1) was conducted on 75 candidates, its safety profile was endorsed by the Ethic Committee in Biomedical Research – MOH in March 2015.

2015 Successful production of a trivalent seasonal, inactivated, split influenza vaccine (A/H3N2, A/H1N1 and B).

Product line

     IVAC is currently providing 5 vaccines for the EPI, and 10 other products for use country-wide for prophylactic treatment. Step by step to register for license for some products including single dose TT, SAT, SAR, SAV for export to Laos, Malaysia, Uzebekistan, Philippines etc.
     Some of IVAC products have accounted for 80%-100% of domestic market share such as BCG,TT, SAT, SAV-tri, SAV-naja.