Tue July 27, 2021

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Tin tức và sự kiện

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(00:00 09/21/2018)
Vietnam welcomes two locally produced vaccines for seasonal and pandemic influenza. International collaboration announces successful clinical trial results with licensure expected in 2019.
(00:00 09/29/2016)
Contact: Dr. Le Van Be, Director, Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals. Tel: +84 58 3 822 408, +84 58 3 818 898, +84 903501529.
(00:00 05/30/2016)
This is a first-in-human study of safety and immunogenicity of an A/H5N1 inactivated whole cell vaccine manufactured by the IVAC in Vietnam when given in two injections in two doses (low and high) compared to a placebo in 76 healthy adult subjects in Vietnam.
(00:00 05/30/2016)
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02612909

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