Sat March 06, 2021
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Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals
Introduction - 35 years of construction and development.
Introduction of Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals
The Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals was founded on 23/11/1978 and is directly under Ministry of Health. After a number of name changes and reorganizations, the Institute’s headquarters nowadays are located in Nha Trang and Suoi Dau Breeding Farm and mainly specializes in research, production, business and service consultancy of vaccines and medical biologicals. It is a noble and hard job, full of humanitarian features that its officials are striving for the purpose of turning the Institute into a highly prestigious scientific facility of the country.

With more than 35 years of construction and development completed, the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals has significantly contributed achievements to implement “Domestic  self- production of vaccine” policy of the Party, Government and Ministry of Health. Since 1990, the Institute has supplied 250 million DTP, BCG, TT vaccines to the National Expanded Programme on Immunization, effectively contributing to neonatal tetanus elimination in 2005 and significant reduction of morbidity and mortality proportion caused by tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Besides, the Institute has developed and provided serums and other medical products for backup treatment such as SAT (serum anti tetanus), SAD (serum anti Diphthera), SAR (serum anti rabies), Superferon (interferon alpha-2b) and  Im.BCG for bladder tumor treatment…Especially, two serum types of antivenom of Naja kaouthia  and Trimeresurus albolabris in recent years have helped to save lives of thousand victims every year.

For the past 35 years, the Institute has built and improved its facilities to become a relatively complete  and integrated production unit from additional technical services to main production lines. It has a large breeding farm for experiments and crucial original technology with modern equipment for important functions such as antigen and antibody purifications, serum preparation technology from horses - Plasmapheresis; vaccine fill - finish technology; production technology of flu vaccine based on chicken egg, and microbiological, chemi-immune techniques and cell culture for quality control of products.

International co-operation and scientific studies are highlights in the development of the
Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals. The majority of scientific projects and international co-operation lead to practical results for the society and technological development from which IVAC’s reputation has become greater in domestic and international arenas.

Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biologicals operates a Quality Management System and also meets ISO 9001:2008. Thanks to such systems, its product quality is highly assured and stable. Until now, Ministry of Health has awarded 10 certificates of GMP-WHO to the Institute, including 08 products and 02 production lines.

For the past 35 years, the
Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biologicals has received care and detailed guidance from Ministry of Health, effective assistance from domestic and international individuals and organizations and support from all local Party and Government’s levels. Its employees through generations have overcome many difficulties and challenges to collaborate with other scientific facilities throughout the nation to keep studying and producing vaccines and medical products for the purpose of a healthy and developed society and completing assigned duties from Ministry of Health. Silent devotion of the Institute’s employees through its history enriches deep humanitarian-based achievements “Vaccine for human life”.

The construction and development of the Institute has witnessed a lot of ups and downs. However, dedicated contributions of scientists and employees and their achievements and production results over the past 35 years, have built the great history of the
Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals. 35 years of existence and development is clearly a bridge to link the past and the present to aim at a bright and challenging future.

Inherited from achievements of 35 years of construction and development, employees in the
Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals are striving to study, co-operate, focus on modern vaccine production technology, deliver high quality products and build advanced management mode to integrate the Institute with a firm background at the age of 35 into the 21st century. Together we will develop IVAC to a well-known brand in the global integration, serve the nation’s health care, meet consideration and expectation of the Party, Government, Ministry of Health and entire society.

On this occasion, on behalf of Board of Directors and all employees in the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Leader of Ministry of Health, the Party and Government in all levels, local department, unions, international organizations, domestic and international Institutes, our clients and special thanks to former directors for trusting, assisting and supporting IVAC.

                                      Dr. Le Van Be

                                      Director (signed)